Vision Alliance International
List of Names

A List of Names

It was back in my early twenties that I first heard the concept of developing a names list. I was sitting at my parent’s dining room table where my boyfriend (now husband) just finished...


Every Choice You Make.

Last year, Tracey and I sat down with our third daughter and discussed her future. We have gone through this exercise with her two older sisters and we believe that it’s been a...


What’s Your Story?

Earlier this month, we launched our new company mynt in Las Vegas. We were invited to speak at the event and we covered twenty five years of our career in twenty five minutes.  The topic...

Pay the price

There’s a Price to Pay

When I was 17 years old, I left work one Friday only to realize that I had been double paid on my paycheck. Somehow, someone miscalculated my hours and paid me twice as much as they should...


Ask or Stay Frustrated!

I woke up this morning laughing at myself, so I am going to start today with a confession… For over twenty five years, I have spoken to convention centers and arenas full of people about...

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